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preschool or daycare

crèche-level children

kids ages 0-7 years old

Crèche Upliftment Project (CUP)

This is an overall project with a group of projects that are meant to help creches grow. Not everything can (or should) be done at once, CUP is designed to phase in as needs and abilities meet to enhance several avenues for an exceptional creche experience for the children.

CUP meets a wide range of needs such as providing school supplies, installing running water, bringing electricity to facilities, building playground equipment, gardening, and so much more. Some of AWA’s projects are listed below. However, be sure this is not a complete list, as we design projects for each creche individually based on months of investigation and preparation. For more information, please feel free to email us.

Teacher Training Program

This program educates teachers on how to provide the best education and care for crèche-level children. Topics covered by the program include early childhood development, curriculum development, first aid, nutrition, sanitation guidelines, and more. Each participant in the program also receives a Teacher’s Manual (pictured) to use during classes and to take back to their crèche after program completion.

AWA is working on launching a larger, accredited version that will provide teachers with certificates that can help them get better salaries, encouraging them to stay teaching. We have hundreds of teachers actively requesting or interested in this program from several different provinces.

Gardening Projects

AWA’s Tower Garden Project, Maringa Test Project, and other gardening projects help teach about nutrition, growing healthy food, cooking healthy meals, and more.

Pandemic Relief Project

Through this long-term project, AWA strives to meet pandemic-specific needs, with a focus on getting kids safely back to learning. We work with teachers on classroom renovations, grants for salaries, at-home learning, and more.

The project also assists people with limited access to food, electricity & medical care during the pandemic, especially in rural areas. Learn more here.

Project X

This is a series of Christmas celebrations in schools & crèches that gives hundreds of children presents, fun activities, and nutritious meals.

Many families cannot afford meals or celebrations during the holiday break; this project helps to bridge that gap.

AWA’s jungle-gym build at a rural-crèche.

AWA Projects for Older Youth

These projects focus on building strong values and a sense of volunteerism within older students (middle school through college) so that they can become successful adults that continue to give back to their community.

Youth Engaged in Service (YES)

This project emphasizes the volunteer spirit of AWA while also providing older students with leadership training, business skills and life values. YES members are often volunteers in AWA projects.

Biblical Principles Classes

Guiding older students (middle school through college) on how to apply God’s principles to their own lives and businesses.