About Us

A World Aware/South Africa (AWA)

A registered NPO and PBO in South Africa.
Educate. Empower. Encourage.

AWA is a volunteer-driven organization founded by Michael and Lois Calamia. Since its start in 2005, AWA has impacted thousands of people in South Africa by generating lasting, positive change.

AWA is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States under A World Aware, Inc.

Our Mission

To educate, empower, and encourage people from historically disadvantaged & impoverished communities primarily in South Africa’s Limpopo and Gauteng provinces.

Who We Serve

AWA works with teachers, schools, families, and other strategic partners to serve crèche-level children.

Words To Know


preschool or daycare

crèche-level children

kids ages 0-7 years old

Principles of Operation


We listen to the people we serve, developing projects based on what they identify as important, critical needs.


We develop continuous, long-term projects by involving local resources, volunteers, partners, and community members. This also helps AWA avoid duplicating efforts within the community and aids in alleviating dependency on the organization, so that we may go on to help others in need.


We believe in helping the whole person by addressing spiritual, emotional, physical and mental needs.


We help people be a part of their own solutions. Instead of one-time assistance or “hand-outs,” AWA provides guidance as people grow, learn, and take control of their own futures.


We care about the people we serve. AWA is committed to meaningful, effective projects and long-term follow-through.

Making a difference.

Our work is driven by strong commitment to what we believe to be truly helpful and of value. This is interwoven into AWA’s projects to invite others to consider their motivations for doing things in their own lives.

We look for solutions that meet needs, through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual  avenues.  AWA does not offer assistance on the express or implied condition that people fill our model, but by example we teach and learn better ways to serve and be served.

Non-discrimination Policy: AWA does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or disability.

Since we design projects based on what is needed, we seek volunteers to serve matching their specific skill set to the tasks.  This way projects are completed with enthusiasm and satisfaction on all parts.

Are you a volunteer? Ask here for how you can become involved.